Corky #37

You found a Corky!

Corkys are small, harmless little creatures that find themselves in all kinds of places. Nobody knows where they come from.

What next?

If you have found a Corky, comment on this website below mentioning where it was found. Feel free to keep your Corky and give him a nice home!

Corkys also love to travel! So if circumstances don't allow for rehoming one, place him in a different location for another person to enjoy.

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Amy Flo

9th June 2021, 09:57

I found Abigail in Tesco, clay cross yesterday evening. I was very emotional as a loved one has recently passed away and music in the shop reminded me of them… I picked up bread and there she was, my cute little Corky friend! Thank you! X


8th June 2021, 14:02

Found Abigail #27 in tesco claycross, these are really cute 😍


5th June 2021, 14:30

Hi my name is Arlo @the.notorious.snorty_P_I_G
I found this Corky at Ogden waters in Halifax sat on a bench overlooking the water, his name is Aridius #30 , I am taking him home to look after for a while and then will be leaving him somewhere else soon xx

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12th May 2021, 17:46

We found one on the way home from school, number #11 Merton Shuttlewood, Bolsovwr


22nd April 2021, 17:18

Found a corky named Charlotte. Number 26 in Oxcroft 🥰


21st April 2021, 19:53

Can you believe it..... only found another one.... number 7 'Hessian'think we will keep hold of this one. Found down the lanes in clowne

Corky Car

13th April 2021, 18:13

My daughter has just found 'magnelius'.
Cork #15
Shuttlewood, Bolsover.
What a great exciting find.
Thank you so much.

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9th April 2021, 17:45

I found Number 13 at our farm his name is Clarus I am going to keep him from Lissy age 9


6th April 2021, 14:17


We found Corky number 23 ' Donna' put walking near Staveley, chesterfield.

We will rehide



1st April 2021, 19:52

We found Sienna on Border Lane in Clowne. She will have her forever home with us 🥰

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29th March 2021, 07:56

I found one called Manuel In stanfree near bolsover and clown

Maisy Mcmanus

28th March 2021, 10:55

My dad and dog found it on a bench on a dog walk it made my day after loosing my lamb the day before , is it weird that I think she put it there ??


27th March 2021, 16:01

We found a corky, it was called lucy like me!! :)

Zoe H

27th March 2021, 14:13

Really cute, I gave it to my niece, it is who is disabled and it is going to sit on her control panel of the wheelchair. Thank you, you brightened my day.


25th March 2021, 18:14

Weird! But kinda liked it. My dog found it.

Tracy Alderson

22nd March 2021, 14:46

I just found one sat in a photobooth in Tesco. She'll be well looked after and will be residing on my bedside cabinet forever more, thanks for making my day

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